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Verify Your WAZZUB Membership NOW 2012

   How to Verify Your WAZZUB Membership 
When You Received No Verification Email

If You are Already a Verified Member, Please go to our 
Main Blog for all the Marketing Information.
The Link is at the Very Bottom of this Blog.
If you are still waiting for your verification email 
please follow these easy steps to get your account verified:

Step #1
Go to our login page: LogIn
and click the link that reads:
“please re-send my verification email”.  
If you do not receive your new verification email within 10 minutes, 
please go to Step #2.

Step #2

Send an email from your registered email account to: verification[at]wazzub[dot]com with subject "Verification"
Our WAZZUB Support Team will send you a confirmation including your password within 48 business hours. 
If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours please send us 
another email from your registered email account and name a SECOND email address where we can send the confirmation and password. 

The second email address should be a Gmail address 
and it is not expected to be registered with us. 
If you do not have a Gmail account, 
you can easily open one at www.gmail.com.

 Now that you are a verified member watch our powerful 23 minutes recorded video.

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